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Family C | Newborn Photoshoot | Dubai

I was so excited to meet up with Mrs C and her adorable family; we had been chatting on Instagram for a while and so it felt like meeting up with a friend!

The brief was for the shoot to be half newborn and half family, including some photos of her babies together. “Some of big brother B and baby C, and then some with Ted the dog getting involved too. He can be bribed with treats!”

Big brother B was just the best! He was so patient and caring with his little sister. And it helped he was a little older – it can be difficult to get a toddler to go anywhere their new sibling! And Ted the dog was just happy to be right in the middle of all the action. And he makes the best baby prop!

Baby C just rocked her first shoot ... how cute is she? And she happily slept through all the chaos of being posed, moved around, and people and animals jumping around on the bed. What a star!

Thank you, Family C, for some wonderful memories and a great photoshoot ♡

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