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Family T | Family Photoshoot | Dubai

I spent a very special afternoon with this amazing family whilst they were here on holiday. They wanted to do the shoot at Jebal Ali Resort where they were staying – exploring the stunning grounds packed with peacocks before heading to the beach for that beautiful sunset light.

Mrs T got in touch with me beforehand to explain that both her boys are autistic, and had anxiety and sensory processing difficulties that go alongside that. And although they loved to travel and experience new adventures – it was something to be aware of. On the afternoon we met one of her sons was feeling particularly anxious – about the shoot. So we took our time and took the photos in between family cuddles and reassurances.

And I just loved the shoot and the memories we made. We had fun on the beach with one of the boys directing an idea he had for them all to stand in a line facing the camera in height order and then “peak out at different sides of him”. Before making everyone lie on their tummies, an amazing feat considering not everyone was comfortable with the sand touching them.

This family is such a close knit unit with so much love for each other. It was truly wonderful to hang out with them for the afternoon. Nothing dampens their spirit and their adventure. And I can’t wait to catch up with them again when they are on their next journey.

Thank you, Family T, for an amazing photoshoot ♡

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