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Family T | Family Photoshoot | Dubai

I had SUCH a lovely afternoon with this family! I was really luckily that the kids were in a great mood. I like to think it was my winning personality but I think it was because we had just come out of lockdown (post COVID) and I think they were just happy to see a new face!

The brief was for an informal shoot: to be captured interacting with each other in their home environment. “I guess the theme is really "hanging out at home". Very appropriate for these times … ha ha!” I was warned that Toddler C may well insist on including her toys and I think we got off quite lightly with just a rabbit and a horse! And Baby L was just adorable - i just love his hair! I wanted to get some candid family shots with everyone mucking around and laughing together and I just love the moments we got.

Thank you, Family T, for some wonderful memories and a great photoshoot ♡

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