Sleeping Beauty | Newborn Photoshoot | Dubai

11 Jan 2016

I was really looking forward to meeting the new addition to the R Family. Baby D is a very special little lady, and completely charmed me. She slept throughout the whole shoot, where ever we were, allowing me to position her in different poses: Have you seen anything cuter?!



Tickles on the bed meant lots of giggles from the big sister.


I just love her mouth here, and her chin resting on her hand :)


A trio of kisses.


Cuddles with her mummy.


Love her tiny grip here – barely covering half a finger.


I just love her crossed legs ♡


The big sister’s expression here really makes me smile … as if she is still trying to decide whether a baby sister is a good thing!


We all need someone to cuddle.


Sleeping beauty.


I just love the dinky hand and foot resting on dad’s hand; a great sense of scale.


Still sleepy :)


Just so tiny and precious.



Back in bed – the shoot has been exhausting!

Baby D – thank you for giving me such beautiful photos. I hope I didn’t disturb your sleep too much!



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