Family S | Family Photoshoot | Dubai

15 Oct 2019

I had such a fun afternoon hanging out with Mr and Mrs S and their furbabies! She wanted a shoot for her husband’s 30th birthday and the desert was perfect for taking the dogs – Mango and Nala. The brief was for ‘less posed and more natural’ images with the desert landscape in the background.


There was a small heart-stopping moment at the start when Nala (the saluki) slipped her collar and bolted towards me. Worried that she may never stop running (and who can outrun a saluki!) I tried to throw myself in her way, all the while trying to protect my camera from smashing into the sand. But she was just messing with me and probably sensed I was more used to cats than dogs!


I love the memories we made. And it was so peaceful exploring the dunes amongst the soft orange light. I think the woof woofs thoroughly enjoyed it too!


Thank you, Family S, for such a lovely photoshoot ♡


































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