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Family T | Maternity Photoshoot | Dubai

I just loved this maternity session in the desert. Mr and Mrs T were on holiday and he wanted to do surprise his wife with a shoot. Unfortunately it didn’t go exactly to plan and he had to tell her so she could prepare!

The brief was for “something with movement, fun, playful and natural.” Dance is very important to these two. As he explained “I am a professional ballroom dancer and my wife is from Trinidad and every year she goes to carnival. Dancing and movement is a big part of our life … as a matter fact we met through dance!”

The shoot was so much fun. They were a delight to photograph; lots of smiles and cuddles … every moment was worth capturing! And I love the sense of movement we had – from the wind playing with her dress through to him jumping and twirling around. I love the sense of play and drama.

Thank you, Family T, for some wonderful memories and a great photoshoot ♡

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