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Bottoms Up! | Family Photoshoot | Dubai

I had a great afternoon exploring Dubai with Family S. From playing Line-Up and Aeroplanes in Zabeel Park through to paddling and a cheeky game of Catch-The-Baby at sunset on Kite Beach, we packed a lot into a couple of hours. Baby J was quite the star all afternoon; no teething issues were going to stop him making a beeline for the sea whenever he could!

Cuddles in the amphitheatre – love Baby J’s stance here, especially his toe :)

Giving Emirates a run for their money.

Just love those squashed cheeks!

Great teeth – and outfit!

I love an ‘outtake’! Well they do say never work with animals and children …

Upside cuddles – love how he’s crossed his hands and feet ♡

Well, the beach seems to be a winner.

The start of his fascination with the sea!

And he’s off … again!

… if you can’t beat them, join them!

Temporarily distracted by building sandcastles.


It’s not long before the trousers are off and he’s in the sea :)

Thank you Family S for a wonderful shoot – lots of giggles and bottoms; the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon ♡

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