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Sandy Toes & Starfish | Couple Photoshoot | Dubai

I wanted to do some photos of this gorgeous pair at the beach on their wedding day, but the schedule was just too tight. So we decided to do it a couple of weeks before hand – and I’m so glad we did. It gave us time to have some fun without the stress of a wedding and time management! E&G wanted something informal that reflected them, and once they got used to my camera, relaxed and were pretty much up for doing anything!

The giggles set in ☺

I love the how the red on C’s tattoo matches the lining of his jeans. (It’s the small things that make me happy).



The Bride & Groom To Be 💖

Trying not to get the giggles …

… but I love candid moments like these. That usually happen after ‘the shot’.

Beach moments.

The engagement ring and Burj Al Arab.

Sunset memories.

This took a while, and caused us all a few laughs. I love the sand on E’s knees – a testament to her determination to get up into a head stand. [This is one of their ideas … it’s not something I make all my clients do!]

Just taking a little breather.

I love the tyre tracks going through the middle, almost as if they have just jumped over a bike.

Don’t most people do ‘aeroplanes’ for their romantic beach photo shoots?!

Piggyback cuddles.

Sunset silhouettes.

Rescuing a starfish from the sand and returning it back to the sea.

Pucker up!

Pucker up!

I had such fun with this gorgeous couple – I can’t wait to see them again in a couple of weeks for the wedding 💗

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