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Swimming In The Blue | Birth Photoshoot | Dubai

With snorkelling gear packed ready to join friends on a boat for my husband’s birthday, I got a text from Mum. It was the moment we had been waiting for for a couple of weeks; “I think my contractions have started!” So I swapped my bikini for my camera and set off to the hospital with butterflies in my tummy. Having never given birth, or witnessed a birth, I did promise Mum that I wouldn’t faint and join her in the birthing pool!

It was truly an amazing experience. Mum was already in the birthing pool; choosing a natural birth – I couldn’t believe how calm and focused she was. Within 3 hours of me arriving at the hospital, Baby J made his entrance into the world. A magical experience that I will always remember. Thank you for letting me share this intimate moment with you. 💕

Welcome to the world, Baby J 💝

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