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Splashes At Dawn | Family Photoshoot | Dubai

I love the photos from this shoot – well worth the early start! In a bid to outwit the impeding summer sun we met at the beach at 7am, blinking in the already bright sun and dreaming of coffee.

Toddler G wasn’t overly impressed – until we got out some toys and then she was quite happy splashing around in the shallow waters, as the receding tide left little sandbanks and lagoons. Even allowing us to do some couple shots before she came waddling over, not wanting to miss out on the action!

With the beach virtually to ourselves, we managed to get lots of images of family fun time, in front of the Burj – something they can treasure when they relocate to somewhere cooler. Thank you for a great shoot Family N, and I wish you all the best in your next adventure ♡

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