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Four By Four | Family Photoshoot | Dubai

I knew I was going to like this family when I was greeted at the door by their daughter, who grabbed my hand and made me sit down and eat a blueberry muffin with her. (A real one!) The brief for this shoot was to take family photos of their new baby boy who surprised them all by appearing rather early. So we didn’t have the classic sleepy, newborn phase as he was already 7 weeks old. But what a cutie!

The mum wanted natural images, with nothing too posed – including the newborn shots. And like a lot of mums – she isn’t in many photos as she’s the one taking them; so there was a focus on capturing some special moments for her - with her babies.

I had a lovely morning with this gorgeous family – with lots of giggles and warmth. Thank you for a great shoot, Family G ♡

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