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Double Bubble | Cakesmash Photoshoot | Dubai

I couldn’t wait to meet up with Family B again – it has been a year since I took photos of the twins as babies – and now it was time for their cakesmash: 2 babies, 2 cakes … what could go wrong?!

The brief was to capture some family moments, plus the twins in their buggy and exploring their reflections in the mirror before embracing the icing and getting covered in cake. They were on great form – happily mesmerised by the bubbles in their buggy, giggling at themselves in the mirror and then loving their cakes. Their two personalities coming out with Baby A fully embracing the mess and Baby P being a little more refined in the smashing of her cake!

Such a fun morning ♡ Thank you Family B for another great shoot and I hope the sugar rush didn’t last too long!

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