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Sun Salutations | Family Photoshoot | Dubai

Family S were relocating and wanted to capture some Dubai moments before they left. They decided on the desert and beach, with the iconic Burj Al Arab, as the backdrops for their family memories. The original plan was to spilt the shoot over 2 days, with a sunset for both locations. However when the schedule changed with last minute travel, we had just one morning to try and fit everything in.

So we decided to start with dawn in the desert (much bribery was needed to get the family up and out of their snuggly beds ready for a 6am start!). Then we headed to the beach before the light got too strong.

Mrs S wanted to capture some family moments as well as individual portraits, and the scenery of the land they were leaving behind. And I think we did that. Thank you Family S for a lovely photoshoot. I wish you all the luck with your new adventures.

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