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Sofa Love | Family Photoshoot | Dubai

I was super excited to catch up with Family B again and meet their latest member. The last time I saw Baby K was in his mum’s tummy at their maternity shoot in the desert. Which seems so long ago now! I just love his hair!

The brief was to capture some fun family moments and to include the ukulele which Mum plays and hopes to pass on to the kids. Daughter A was still a little wary of her 2 month old brother and it took some bribery and excellent reverse psychology from Mum, but we managed to get her to sit near Baby K! And I love the moments we captured on the sofa. We even managed to get Cuddles the dog in for one. What is it they say about not working with children and animals? 😀

Thank you for another great shoot, Family B ♡

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