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Family O | Family Photoshoot | Dubai

It was so good to finally meet Mrs O and her cute family. We had been chatting on Instagram and email for a while before they came to Dubai on holiday. They were staying at the Atlantis and wanted a family shoot at the hotel. As a mum and a interiors blogger, she is used to being behind the camera rather than in the photos, so as well as some family photos, the brief was also to get some of her with the girls and her husband.

One of the questions I always ask before a shoot is what are the children interested in and what makes them laugh, and I love the responses I get. There’s never a dull moment! “They love princesses, making silly noises and just being generally very, very loud. The 3 year old keeps changing her name every 30 minutes so she'll probably have some fun with that.” Just brilliant!

Unfortunately on the day the eldest daughter was suffering from a fever as well as an eye infection and without the option to postpone the shoot we decided to go for it. She was a trooper and tried her best to humour me and her mummy. Keeping the glasses on and lots of cuddles helped. The youngest was a ball of energy and gave me quite the workout capturing her in action!

I just love the memories we made. From collecting shells to playing football – it was a fantastic afternoon.

Thank you, Family O, for a great photoshoot ♡

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