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Family K | Family Photoshoot | Dubai

I just LOVED this shoot – we had such a fun afternoon hanging out in the park before heading to the beach to splash and paddle in the low tide. Such a fun family – there was plenty of love and laughter to capture. And the light was just perfect … one of those shoots where everything comes together so well!

The brief was for some natural, fun family photos here in Dubai before they leave to start their new life in another country. “We haven't done anything like this at all, but just imagined having someone sweet and friendly spending some time with our family and taking pics of us just being ourselves. So I can have photos of my kids at this age and have family photos that I can treasure, because we leave Dubai in a few months to start a new life in Canada.” Mrs K wanted some family photos but also some photos of the kids playing with each other and some of her and her husband together. And I love the memories we made.

Thank you, Family K, for such a great photoshoot. I wish you all the best for your new adventures in Canada ♡

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