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Hanging out in JBR | Maternity Photoshoot | Dubai

It was lovely to spend time with this family as we explored one of their favourite places to hang out at the weekend: JBR. Cafes and restaurants intertwine with water features, contemporary architecture, running tracks and beach front. And with benches everywhere, it really is the place to stop and take in this dynamic city.

Who doesn’t love ice-cream? Dri Dri is a family favourite so they wanted to include it in the photo shoot. And it wasn’t just because they had air conditioning. Even though we started the shoot at 8am, the humidity was giving us all a lovely ‘glow’ :)

The ice-cream parlour had a wonderful retro feel to it and I loved the colours, so I did a few extra edits with a filter to bring out that mood.

Loving the air-conditioning!

I love capturing these candid moments in families.

Where would we be without our favourite teddy to share our day with?

It’s great to do a photo shoot if you have grandparents visiting so they can be part of the day.

We all loved how this how came out with H showing the scan photo.

They say never work with children and animals, and here we had H and bunny! We tried to recreate a photo from their first maternity shoot, and whilst it didn’t turn out as we initially expected – H really just wanted to run around everywhere and wasn’t interested in staying still – this is a beautiful moment that can sit alongside the original photo.

Taking advantage of one of the many benches :)

By now it was getting way too hot and there was only one thing to do – and that was to head to the beach for a paddle.

Thank you Family R for allowing me to capture some special moments for you. ♡

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