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Sandy Bumps | Maternity Photoshoot | Dubai

After doing some shots in their neighbourhood we headed out into the desert. There were concerns over pregnancy bladder but we decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it! And I’m so glad we did – I really love the photos. The desert makes a great backdrop for a maternity shoot; the soft, rolling dunes mimic and compliment the bump perfectly.

I had such fun with this couple … it was certainly a memorial afternoon! There was lots of laughter throughout the shoot; this couple have a real twinkle between them. Their sense of humour came in handy – when we realised at the end of the session that their car was stuck in the sand. Luckily some kind people stopped to help and managed to tow us out, only to then get stuck – meaning we had to pull them out. You can’t make this up 😀

Thank you Mr & Mrs B … for such a great photoshoot ♡



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