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Get Into The Groove | Maternity Photoshoot | Dubai

Family M booked me for their maternity and newborn shoots, and then I received an email from the dad-to-be asking if I could come and shoot a surprise baby workout he had arranged for his wife.

I had no idea what a baby workout was! They are both into fitness and share a love of crossfit, and the idea was to meet their friends at the gym where they would ‘strap medicine balls to our stomachs and do a workout’. It was to be a fun session with the brief to be to get action and group shots.

It was a great morning – and by the end everyone was looking forward to releasing the extra weight they were carrying. All except mum-to-be obviously! The after workout cake was well received, as after all ‘as crossfitters we love our food!’

Thanks for a great shoot Mr & Mrs M … and friends!

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