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Winter Is Here! | Family Location Photoshoots in the UAE

With wisps of clouds in the sky, a smattering of fog and the hint of a breeze that doesn’t feel like you’ve just opened the oven door … it can only mean one thing: winter is here!

My favourite time of year. Not only because of the al fresco dining and sundowners, or because my hair has stopped looking like Monica in Friends (“what do you do in the humidity?!”), but because I get to shoot outside again. Woo hoo! I love being outside and the UAE has so many wonderful locations that make the perfect backdrop to your family photoshoot. (Whether you’re capturing your family growing up, celebrating your bump with a Maternity Shoot or your baby turning one with a Cakesmash Session).


Desert - a wonderful way to remember your time in Dubai.

Beach - always a popular choice especially with children!

Parks - with lots of greenery and shade it’s ideal for cakesmashes and families with younger children.

Urban - a great way to remember your favourite hangouts or capture the UAE's stunning architecture – from the traditional bastakiya to impressive skylines.


If you want a desert or beach photoshoot the best time is just after sunrise (get that coffee ready!) or before sunset, when the golden hour light is soft and magical! Parks and urban spaces have more flexibility but early morning and late afternoon are best.


The main thing is that you feel comfortable and at ease, so you will appear relaxed and happy in your photos. I always think you shouldn’t deviate too much from what you usually wear as a family (albeit a little more coordinated and without the ice-cream stains!) I think you will want to look back in a few years and recognise yourselves – and not be staring at some awkward, strangely-dressed strangers!

Generally, I think some coordination looks good. For example, maybe stick to one colour that is worn throughout, but in different ways and styles. Nothing too ‘matchy-matchy’. Think about the location background – and whether you want to enhance that or stand out. Whites and blues look lovely on beach shoots and compliment the landscape, but then again a dash of fushia or scarlet really stands out and adds a bit of drama. If you are in a park with lots of greens and earthy colours, beiges and blues fit very well. If you are all in green you could get lost in the scenery a little!

Some of my clients love bold patterns or stripes and checks. Again, if this is your normal style then this is what you should wear. The only thing I suggest is to not wear anything with big cartoons, logos or letters.


Water – or juice, whatever you like to drink. Especially at the beginning or end of the season when it is still a little warm. Snacks are good if you have young children. Some parents like to bring a few sweeties to bribe the little ones! Wet wipes are handy for toddlers. And if your children have long hair, some hairbands or grips in case it gets windy (which it often does in the desert). And if we are at the beach, spare clothes for the journey home as inevitably someone will get a little wet, and a towel is good to help wipe away any sandy areas!

To find out more about my packages and availability please call me on 056 954 0173 or drop me an email at

I would love to capture some special moments for your family ♡

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