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Family S | Maternity & Newborn Photoshoot | Dubai

Mrs S wanted her maternity shoot to be informal and relaxed, with natural shots … as like many couples they don’t particularly enjoy having their photo taken. “We would like it to be just a nice fun thing before the babies get here and a reminder of the pregnancy (not that we will be able to forget about it once the twins get here!).”

With the beach setting for our shoot, and a dawn start to get the soft light before the sun came up, I just love the photos we got. They are such a fun couple; the session past by quickly with lots of chats and giggles.

I couldn’t wait to go back and see them both again, and meet the twins. Who were SO well behaved! They slept for most of the shoot with just the odd moment when it was snack time. The brief was to focus on the twins, but “I would also love to see if we could get a picture of the babies with our two dogs. Let’s see if that will work or not...” The poor dogs are having a harder time to adjust! They are definitely not impressed with the little bundles that came back from the hospital!

Thank you so much, Family S, for such great photoshoots. It’s been such a pleasure to capture these special milestones for you ♡

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